Where the Musical Magic Happens

SM Music Records is the best location for recording for all kinds of Musicians in Delhi/NCR. Located In West Delhi is an audio recording studio and also provides post-production facility. Our aim is to create high-quality digital recordings in resonance with all styles of music and at any level of development - whether you are a 'ready to go' band, making demos, or looking to produce a finished single or album. If you are a singer or songwriter planning to develop your ideas, we can record, mix and master right here. We have all the latest gadgets and equipment to make your recordings sound truly professional. We also conduct voice-over recordings and can recommend voice-over artists in a variety of languages to our clients if needed. Our main forte is Music, sound design, recording songs and dubbing voiceovers. Production houses in Delhi and Mumbai also hire our services for dubbing services. Founded by Sonu Makan(Singer/Composer/Songwriter/Sound Engineer) who is Cubase certified Sound Engineer from ZIMA(ZEE Institue Of Media And Arts, Mumbai) is working in Music Industry For Long 5 Years. We Offer Services:

  • Audio production

  • Video production

  • Sound Engineering

  • Studio Sessions

  • We Are Open From 10 am-10pm 
    We regularly seek continuous process improvement of all services offered. With high levels of service and loyalty with clients