Booking For Recordings

A Studio is not just a place of equipment and facilities. do you know most of the audio studios can be booked for an hour or two with the rate 1000-2000 rs/hour, So the typical word “recording studio” is not what you should think of, they have an audio mix engineer and a music producer to get their song done . 

SM Music Records 
provide best music and recording service in Delhi at a budget price at Rs 1200 per hour if u book for above 3 hours we give you 1000 per hour


We Also Provide You 


  Studio Sessions For Per Hour

  Vocal Dubbing

  Editing N Mixing And Mastering*
At the end you can collect wave files or zipped package for your mix in an email or a pendrive.

* Terms and Conditions Apply 

  • Record Your Audio On Per Hour Basis
    1 hr
    1,200 Indian rupees